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Our Creative Family

It takes two started with just two: Georgia Rettmer, who was admired by family and friends for her unique artistry in colorful torn-paper designs and her daughter, Kimberly Rinehart, who filled journals with her original, heartfelt poems and verses and gave them to her parents as gifts when she was a teenager.

Since this mother-daughter team published their first greeting cards in 1984, the it takes two family has grown tremendously.

We’ve added a wonderful mix of talented artists with complementary styles and mediums. The distinct torn-paper art featured in our first cards is still our hallmark look, while numerous additional styles have provided depth and interest to our line and have broadened the appeal of our products through the years. Our artists’ styles are always unique. We credit our expanded products and audience today to this amazing creative family.

Georgia Rettmer
Nancy Phelps
Claudia Rovens
Lucy Rigg
Cary Heath
Brian Riebe
Marsha Howe
Peggy Turchette
Erin Gergen Halls
Rebecca Barker
Chuck Ingwersen
Pat Brangle
Darlene Flood
Deb Eiseman
Jacki Frerichs
Katie George
Wendy Bentley
Kim Conway
Nancy E. Mink
Beth Nadler
Sandy Lynam Clough